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Motivating experience sharing and supporting social event participation.

Today social networks allow people to stay in contact both with people that live in the neighbourhood and with people that are far away. In this way social relations are mediated by computers, while real life social experiences have much more value in our life. In this context, ComeAlong aims to motivate people to participate together to social events like going to movie theatre, attending a gym lesson, drinking a beer in a pub, going to a concert. Sharing intentions through a social network, users' friends are aware of both the event and the participation of someone they know. Thus, people can come along and have a better experience thanks to friends' participation.

This project has been interrupted as the main customers, Cinema Astra and MUSE both located in Trento, Italy, interrupted the collaboration with the team at the University of Trento and it was not possible for us to test the developed application and publish it.


ComeAlong has been implemented in different versions. The first one was specifically for movie theaters and was implemented in collaboration with Cinema Astra (Trento, Italy), while the second one supported the inauguration of MUSE, the new Museum of Science in Trento, Italy.

Screenshots of the mobile app - MUSE opening

Team and Implementation

The team was composed of different members:

ComeAlong is composed of the following components: